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CBS is a showroom exclusive for Hammosurfboards, Dane Hamilton is the owner and the shaper. Like many shapers, Hammo got a good start at an early age.

At the young age of 16, Hammo’s father got him into shaping his first board and the rest of his career was set in stone. Working his way up the ranks and shaping for some of the worlds most notible companies such as JS, DHD and Simon Anderson and eventually running their factories. Add in his time spent on the WQS surfing a variety of different waves around the world, Hammo has become a well rounded shaper who has the skills to build boards that will essentially work in all sorts of waves.

Hammo’s goal is to make his customers boards that are an extension of their body. He wants his customers to be able to take their board out on the first wave and feel completely comfortable. His years of grinding on the ‘QS, and shaping for some of the best brands out their has enabled him to do this with utmost confidence. So whether you are looking for the perfect small wave shredder like the Mini or need a board you can jump on with confidence when the waves get serious, like the Gun, CBS and Hammo has you covered.

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