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Improve Your Lifestyle With Yoga

Health is the prime concern today, important for individual as well as social welfare. Keeping this in view, it’s instructive to know more about the holistic concept of yoga and?relevance in modern times so that we can understand its importance and value and be encouraged to incorporate it in our lifestyle . Yoga is a precious gift; a panacea from ancient to modern living.


What is yoga? Why yoga? We just have to be aware about it. Actually we are aware but we need to know more and go into it through experience; only then it fulfils its true meaning. Yoga is an important philosophy of our ancient Indic tradition. The different schools of yoga are Samkhya, Vedanta, Tantra, Yoga, Uttar mimansa, Poorva mimansa, Nyaya and Vaiseshika. So it has deep origins. This we have got from different Upanishads and other ancient scriptures.

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